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Alternatives to Sump pump installation

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Sump pumps are a source of confusion and debate among most homeowners. While many may view them as vital to their basement's safety and security, others view them more as an additional problem than a viable solution. Drainage and water accumulation problems dictate the necessity for elimination and redirection efforts, and a sump pump is just one means of redirecting those waters from your home. A sump pump is installed in a sump pit basin, either beneath or above the basement floor, and while they can be a great aid for homeowners who want a safety net in flood-prone areas, they’re not a long-term solution.

Did you know yard grading could be the perfect alternative to sump pump installation in your home? Contact us at (270) 201-5098 for more information and a property inspection.

Sump Pumps Don’t Solve Drainage Issues

A sump pump is not a viable drainage solution for every property. While many homes are outfitted with these systems because of previous flooding to the area, property owners are often steered into this situation because it’s the path of least resistance. While adjusting the grading of your yard may sound complicated and expensive, it pales in comparison to decades of sump pump maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. Additionally, sump pumps are not a singular solution. After installing a sump pump system, most homeowners feel confident they’ve solved their basement waterproofing issues only to realize that if it fails, they are right back where they started. Sump pump failure is a real concern.

A sump pump can fail for a myriad of reasons, like:

  • It’s overworked
  • It’s clogged
  • There’s a power outage
  • It’s defective

In addition to repairs and ongoing maintenance post-installation, homeowners are often required to pay many other costs associated with purchasing a sump pump. Everything from permits to plumbing lines for your drainage system will need to be considered when calculating the total cost of sump pump ownership. Even after you have purchased all the necessary equipment and paid the fees, you will still have water flowing into your home. You haven’t solved the problem yet, and you’ve spent a sizable amount of money for a temporary fix.

We Offer Reliable Sump Pump Alternatives

Not everyone with a basement has a sump pump because they require a great deal of maintenance and troubleshooting. At Supreme Enterprise LLC, we are proud to offer our customers education, advisement, and natural drainage alternatives they won’t find elsewhere in the market. Our Paducah excavation experts can help you develop a drainage solution that diverts potential floodwater from your home and lawn. We have more than 14 years of experience installing French drains and natural yard draining systems that can prevent the need for expensive sump pump installation and long-term maintenance and repair.

We start by inspecting your property to determine how the water is coming into your basement or crawl space. By finding the source of the breach, our team can create a viable solution to keep the water out! Our solution prevents water from ever penetrating your foundation or crawlspace, which is the best way to keep your home safe from damage. The goal is to stop water from coming into your home, not install a device that cleans it up and removes it once it’s there. Wouldn’t you prefer a solution that keeps the water away from your home rather than a plan that pumps water out?

A Trusted Team of Professionals

At Supreme Enterprise LLC, we are a team of professionals you can count on to get the job done on time and within your budget. Customers choose to work with our team because we are committed to providing our customers with excellent service and benefits.

When you choose our office for alternatives to sump pump installation, you can expect excellent service and:

  • Free Estimates
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Integrity

Our team is confident that we can fix your yard’s drainage issues and keep the water from invading your home. Do you want to deal with the cycle of repairing, maintaining, and replacing a sump pump for the next 30+ years?

At Supreme Enterprise LLC, we provide alternatives to sump pump installation. Contact us today for more information about our drainage and excavation solutions.


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