Erosion near home

What Causes Erosion and How It Can Be Prevented?

Erosion is a pretty big force, and when it comes to stopping it, it may seem like there is not much you can do.

Have you seen the Grand Canyon or any other valley? That is what erosion can do. Although it can have small or large impacts, there are still things you can do to prevent it.


Erosion is how the Earth gets worn down. Natural elements from weather, such as wind, rain, and ice can cause the surface of the earth to move and shift.

Sometimes erosion can cause beauty, and sometimes it can cause damage. It is all due to the force of gravity.

Since water, air, and ice tend to flow from one destination to the next, they leave a trace wherever they go.

This is why streams and lakes get muddy after storms, why rocks are round, and how valleys or even cliffs are formed.

Erosion is mainly caused by natural elements, but it can be sped up by the human race and animals. Things such as construction, farming, mining, animal grazing, and recreational activities can also have an effect on soil. For example, riding your dirt bike around on soil, makes it move and shift quicker than it would naturally.

If your property is not properly managed, it could suffer from soil shifts that can be caused naturally or by humanity. It could lead to a multitude of problems, including damaging the foundation of your house.


Erosion damage can be extensive and expensive to repair, which means doing anything to prevent it can help save you time, money, and bring you peace of mind.

Specialists from Supreme Enterprises understand how erosion works and know what can be done to protect you and your property from it.


Planting vegetation is a powerful way to prevent erosion. The roots can actually help hold the soil together.

This means trees, grass, shrubs, and more can not only decorate your property but help prevent it from being damaged by erosion.

Planting plants with large leaves can also be of benefit in blocking rain that would otherwise break the soil apart.


Planting vegetation is not the only way to prevent erosion. Drainage solutions can help with heavy rains to prevent erosion in certain areas of your property.

Water is the primary cause of erosion, which means without a proper drainage solution on your property, it can do major damage.

You do not need a professional to know you have a drainage problem. Signs of a drainage problem often include:

  • Water stains in a basement

  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Mildew in an attic

  • Mineral deposits on basement walls

  • Gullies in your landscape

  • Silt on pathways

  • Mulch in places it doesn’t belong

  • Wetness in a crawl space

  • Discolored carpet near an exterior wall

  • Water ponding on patios, sidewalks, or driveways

  • Water in the garage when it rains

  • Sticking windows

  • Bowing basement walls

  • Musty odors

If you notice any of these warning signs, you will want to call a professional right away. Solutions are not all the same, but some common types of problems include lawns that have low spots and collect water, inadequate infiltration, excessive storm runoff, and poor drainage that leads to oversaturated soil.

Call A Professional

Erosion control and prevention are different for every property, which means you will need professionals who can create a custom plan for your lifestyle.

It is crucial to take these steps to protect your home.

Supreme Enterprises LLC, are experts within Benton, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas and can provide top-notch assistance in drainage solutions and erosion control. Call us at (270) 201-5098 for all your drainage and excavation needs!